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Anh coffee & bao bar has launched the 1st shop at Chambery, France

Anh coffee & bao bar has launched the 1st shop at Chambery, France

The allure of the Silk Strip of the Far East unfolds through a captivating story dating back over 6000 years BC. Silk, a distinctive emblem of rich Asian culture, transcends time with exceptional resilience and a dazzling palette of colors, unmatched by other fabrics.

At the heart of Vietnam, our pride in silk takes on a breathtaking dimension in the mountainous regions of the Northwest. There, an enchanting silk strip unfolds amidst the picturesque landscape, harmoniously blending with the terraced fields, also known as the Golden Silk Strip of the Northwest. These terraced fields paint a magnificent picture, a dance between the lush green of rice crops and the golden reflections that evoke the rare harvest, only twice a year due to the specific conditions of this high-altitude region.

ANH COFFEE, in its quest to share the richness of Asian culture, takes root in France with a unique concept: The Silk Strip of the Far East. This thoughtful choice, illustrated in our first store and in upcoming branches across France, aims to transport our customers to the heart of the Vietnamese soul. By visiting ANH COFFEE, we hope every customer will feel the wonder of traveling to Vietnam, imagining themselves comfortably seated amidst the lush nature and terraced fields, where each harvest is a celebration of the splendid beauty of the Golden Silk Strip.


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